Process Engineering

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Process Engineering

What is process or process engineering?

In general term process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end or perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on something in order to change or preserve it. Process is defined in various different forms according to the industry. This stream is called as process engineering.

What is concept?

As a dictionary form, process means idea, a plan or intention. Conceptual Study stands in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry at the very early stage of a greenfield project to identify all the possibilities and conditions to develop this project.  In a summary any idea, a plan or intention created before any start of project is called as concept.


As above stated process and concept is interlinked and forms a single entity of oil and gas industry.

Process Engineering consists of major terms as Design, Operation, Control and Optimisation.

Deliverable Document From Process


1- PFS  (Process Flow Scheme) 

A PFS is a schematic drawing of utility or a process unit, showing:

  • all relevant physical and other process data;
  • main utility characteristics;
  • basic process control elements;
  • main dimensions of process equipment

Process Engineering

2- PEFS    (Process Engineering Flow Scheme) or P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram)

  • A PEFS is graphical representation of a process or utility unit.
  • The purpose of a PEFS is to give an accurate representation of the process and utility units

Process Engineering

     Major Departments contribute to PEFS or P&ID;

3. Process Safeguarding Flow Scheme (PSFS) is:

an integral part of identification and summarization of protective devices (ultimate safeguards).

  • PSFS should be prepared from the Process Engineering Flow Schemes, under the general guidance and responsibilit

Studies and Report

  • Process Simulation Report  + H & MB Cases
  • Honeywell (UniSim)
  • Aspen (Hysis )

PipeSim Program 

Process Engineering

Output of PipeSim

  • Pressure Drop
  • Velocity
  • Liquid Holdup
  • Temperature Profile
  • Slug volume

Hydraulic Dynamic Analysis Report

  • To confirm start up time & trip set points
  • Calculate the slug volumes

OLGA Program

Process Engineering

OLGA Schematic

Equipment Sizing Report

  • Input :    Heat & Material Balance
  • Method : Excel Sheet

Utility Report

  • Instrument Air Package
  • Nitrogen Package
  • Checmical Injection Skids
  • Fuel Gas

Flare System Study Report

  • Define the scenario
  • Calculate the loads
  • Input gathering
  • Build the model
  • Analysis the Results

Hydrate Report

Fluid Flow and Flow Assurance Report

Line sizing Report


  • Equipment List
  • Line List
  • Critical Valve List

Process Datasheets

  • MSV (Multiple Selective Valve)
  • ESDVs(Emergency Shutdown Valve)
  • CV’s (Control Valves)
  • RV’s (Relief Valves)